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Saturday, March 31, 2007


What is it with blogger? I tried to post several times last week and each time it said ok but bugger all actually posted!!! Time to move i think....... last week it was the first of spring, the radio said it was, the diary said it was, the newspaper said it was i don't know about the television as i haven't got one, so, why didn't the weather think it was? It was freeeezing and it snowed.....normally i would have been outside celebrating this occasion but not likely me mateys, I stayed inside! In total contrast i heard the cuckoo calling at the end of the week.... A letter to the TIMES is called for i think. Easter rushes towards us, chocolate bunnies to bite the heads off and i need to get the field fencing put up for the imminent arrival of goats and chickens and get house finished for guests arriving Easter friday + i am working next week for plasterman..eek
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