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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Goat Hotel

This is the start of the goats new hotel. We have managed to utilise some timber that we had left when we put the new roof onto the house so that was useful and it will be clad with offcuts of bark planking from the local sawmill so that won't cost too much either which is just as well really. The weather has been absolutely crap over the last ten days with almost constant rain or drizzle and when the sun has managed to put in its ever so brief appearance one or both of us has been working so we have been unable to finish the hotel! It would appear after a telephone call earlier this week that the finishing of the hotel is now extremely urgent, the man we are getting the two goats from seems to be telling us that he is almost 99% sure that the female is pregnant and not that far away from giving birth and he would rather that she was here for this event. This would mean that we could possibly be in a sort of profit mode as we have paid for two goats and could possibly end up with FIVE!!! I will keep you informed on what happens and of course pictures will be a must. We could be parents very soon........ scary huh?
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  • At 11:39 am, Anonymous RJ Adams said…

    Don't worry, they eat anything - shoes, clothes, plants, vegetables from the veg patch, the veg patch - and they're great escape artists. Have fun!


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