Life in France

A not every day story of normal people trying to live their dream in France starting at the beginning and ending?

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Bend the knees

At last after a week or so of cleaning the wooden beams across the top of the stairs have been cleaned. All the old pink paint has gone and the beams have been restored to their former glory and with a coat of matt varnish look absolutely lovely. Even if I do say so myself. They are a mixture of old pine, chestnut and oak so the honey colour of the pine is shown of well against the darker oak and reddish of the chestnut. I am still cleaning up the dust despite taping off the doors and putting dustsheets everywhere. It is amazing just how much dust five beams can make.

I have now started tiling the floor in the lounge/dining area, about 48 square metres to do. Never tiled a floor before so once again it's a learn as you do it sort of thing. Of course the new concrete floor is not level despite the assurances of the builder that it is perfect!!! I started without using knee pads, a great mistake, after two days my knees were killing me. I have now invested in a pair of foam pads for 9 euros and ohhh what a difference they make. I could now audition for a part of one of the dwarves in Snow White!

Lunchtime over so knees bent, pads on and hey ho it's back top work we go.......

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Dusty Miller

Well not really but its a title! Happy new Year to you all. Normal business has been resumed at the house of the peasant. I am now cleaning off wooden beams in the roof so that i can varnish them to make them look more attractive. Trouble is they haven't been cleaned in well over 100 years so you can imagine the mess. There is wood dust everywhere, even if you tape up doorways and seal them with polythene sheeting it still manages to find its way in. When I have finished for the day I am covered, it gets right inside your clothes so I have to undress almost outside, shake out the clothes then walk across the hallway to the shower. Now there's a sight that would frighten away burglars!!

So, off we go again, funny costume back on, overalls,hat, mask, goggles & gloves to once again venture into the dust cloud.......