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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Snake in the ceiling

I have a HUGE problem....Luscious heard a strange noise in the ceiling above the kitchen and at the time i wasn't in..out with the band having a good time. I returned but couldn't hear it, she described it as sounding sort of like running water or paper rustling. Yesterday morning i heard it as well and there is only one thing that rustles like that... a snake!!!!!! we have had lizards,bats & mice in the ceiling so i know what they sound like but this is nothing like that!! How the hell it got there i have no idea, i know that the exterior walls are natural stone and have holes in so i assume it came in through one of them. I also know that when we were demolishing parts of the house we found rat runs through the walls so it must have used them to get into the ceiling...... I don't want it there!! it doesn't heed my thumping on the ceiling, just goes quite for a while then starts moving again! I have to find a way to get rid of it. The cats as you can see are not really interested in helping.... i may have to take up the floor above the kitchen and try to catch it unless someone has a better idea? gone for a drink..............
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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Announcing the arrival of baby POPPY

Weeehhhh hayyyyyy we have a new baby and she is just soooooo cute! She was born around 9am saturday morning and this picture was taken as she rested from the exertions of joining the world. Mum appears to have had no problems with the kidding and all we had to do was clean up the afterbirth etc etc. She was still wet from the birth and mum had taken a rest from cleaning her up a bit. She is now 4 days old and is starting to bounce around like a spring lamb, or spring/summer goatling i suppose is more correct! Bella the mum is a really maternal thing and is always looking out for her and making sure that she is alright. Billy the male is not soo happy at the moment as when the food is put into the containers he tries to headbut the little one out of the way! Mum soon puts a stop to that though!! She is very small at the moment in fact the male cat Merlin that we saved in our fields is just bigger than the kid!! he finds her very interesting and is now to be found spending most of his time either around the goats or ontop of the goat shed!! Missy Willow the older cat suns herself ontop of the goat shed and feigns disinterest whilst casting the odd glance in the direction of the goats!

Our very first Kid...ain't she cute?
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