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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Walls & Floors, Cats & Horses

That is it then..the floor in the second bedroom is finally all finished and very nice it looks too. The stones i left uncovered when plastering as they are the end of the 'original' house have been sealed and for your delectation and delight i have posted a picture of them showing a little of the floor! All i have to do now is make some shelving out of chestnut planks, paint the walls and make the doors & shutters..Hey presto.. room finished and ready to welcome guests. Official opening is Easter next year so come on, get yourselves over here. Special offers for bloggers!!!

The cats continue to eye each other up, resident cat is not at all convinced that she should like this little upstart that is now in her territory. We have advanced a little i think, she will now come into the house and sniff around him and meow before growling and hissing. For his part he just wants to play and can't work out why he gets hit with a paw for his trouble. Next friday is vets day!! snip snip, jab, ouch.....

On the heavy horse front i am still trying to find a way to get the horses. It isn't so much the buying of the horses but the purchase of the equipment that i will need to be able to use them in the woods for logging.... upwards of 3,000 euros for harnesses etc EACH horse!! I have an idea that may work, sort of like a timeshare where people can buy a weeks accommodation for 3 years at chez peasant and that would also allow them to work with the horses as well. It wouldn't have to be the same week each year but they would have to let me know at the begginning of each year when they intended to come. At least that would give people a bit of flexibility on when they could take a holiday. Would it work do you think?

anyway, sunshining back to making shelving...... Posted by Picasa