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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Winter Sunrise & Frost

This morning it was just a little cold. The thermometer had dropped to -5°c and as you can see we were just above the cloud line as the sun was starting to rise at about 8:30am this morning. It was a beautiful sight and it makes me glad that i live here. The two cats were demanding to be fed but i made them wait while i took the two pictures. The second one is out of the backdoor and shows the frost on the trees. It is about 3" deep and i have no idea how it hangs onto the trees but it makes them look kike they are straight from a fairytale storybook about a winter wonderland. The deer have been wandering across the field behind the trees and

there is fresh evidence that the wild boar have been foraging for food as well!! Didn't get that when we lived in the UK!

The sun is now out and the sky is a brilliant blue so i am going out to replenish the woodstore by chopping down some more trees in our wood. That should keep me warm and then i shall light the fire toast my toes and sip a steaming mug of mulled wine and munch a mincepie or two...Happy Christmas.... Posted by Picasa

Monday, December 18, 2006

Winter Warmer

The guests have arrived and are ensconced in their new room all very nice and cosy with the oil filled radiator to keep them warm. The "new" radiator arrived on the Tuesday and we finally fitted it on Friday much to the delight of the guests. The room is now lovely and warm and we can at last turn on the central heating for the upstairs. We still have a problem with the underfloor heating downstairs but at least now i know what the problem is. The original plumber failed to install 4,yes 4 non return valves which are sort of important to make the system work corectly. I went to buy them at the same time as i collected the radiator and surprise surprise i have to wait quinze jour. Maybe this winter will be the one that we finally have underfloor heating as well. Now won't that be a luxury? The guests departed today announcing themselves to be very pleased with their stay and look forward to returning next year. Meanwhile i am going to retire and make a cup of tea and cut a slice of coconut cake, homemade of course as i have earned it........cheers Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Bah Humbug

People arriving on monday to stay for a week and their bedroom isn't finished yet. Painting needs finishing and the bloody radiator i ordered at the beginning of NOVEMBER still hasn't arrived...bloody about working to tight deadlines..can put an electric heater in the room and an electric blanket on the bed so hopefully that will resolve that part of the equation. Just means i have to finish the painting, clean the room and then put all the furniture into it before lunchtime monday! Oh, i have to go to work as well....any magic elves or fairies out there that can help me? To cap it all the weather has turned real crap and we are forecast for snow............ Posted by Picasa

Saturday, December 02, 2006

One Giant Leap....

Once again i have been away for far too long. The new arrival continues to grow and is now an IT after a small operation.;ouch! He and the resident cat Miss Willow are starting to reach a sort of understanding and have actually shared a bed.. such behaviour is unbecoming wouldn't you think? however at least it means she isn't constantly hissing and spitting at him. They even swop food bowls as well! On the house front the two bedrooms now have doors on them. That is REAL wooden doors made by me, they aren't perfect but then they are a great improvement on the nothingness that was there before. It means at least people coming to stay now have a door to protect their modesty rather than just a curtain! Bedroom two is ready for painting and kitting out with lights and things but i am still waiting for the new radiator to arrive. It was ordered on the 8th November and should have taken "quinze jour" as does everything you order here but after vingt-trois jour it still has not made an appearance. This is worrying as i have people arriving to stay on the 11th and they will need a radiator as it is getting a bit cool at night. Cool is relative you understand 6° is cool!!! Sat outside two days ago in t-shirt eating lunch..wey hey off to get a glass of wine and seperate two hissing cats!!! Posted by Picasa