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Monday, September 11, 2006

Second summer

The weather has done a complete about face and we are having a second summer with temperatures up to 30° in the shade and 49° in the sun and at 23:00hrs the other evening it was still 26°..phew warm eh?
The plums have all gone from the trees with a great deal of them now resting in jars as jam, plum crumbles with oodles of birds custard have been consumed along with plum tarts and creme fraiché.;yummy yummy..bottles of plum scnapps are now quietly doing their stuff in the barn along with some plums in armagnac which should be ready by christmas. We are now heavily into the second crop of fresh figs and have 5kgs sat in the fridge with us wondereing what to do with them and what we will do with those that we still have to pick. The pears are ready and are now in a box in the barn (about 12kgs) and the apples will be ready in October for the annual fruit pressing to give us loads of lovely fresh juice for the year. Last year we got 40litres of juice so that wasn't bad.
On the work front Mr. Plasterer rang with some work for me so i have been out earning a crust for two and a half days painting/decorating. This means that the bedroom is still not finished as i had planned so today i start cleaning of the wooden floor. I will let you know how it goes, maybe a before and after picture set to bore you all?
The dragonflies are zooming around the 'terrace ' and we have an explosion of baby frogs/toads? in the water recycling bacs + recently a small baby grass snake so i assume that the water must be reasonably clean and that the plants are doing their stuff. Haven't seen mummy or daddy wriggles yet! Cheers for now..... Posted by Picasa