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Monday, February 19, 2007

Reviewing the situation

Sorry about the lack of text on the last post, for some reason blogger wouldn't let me type anything!!
The picture this time is of our local village taken just down from the house.
After what seems like an eternity of work and troubles we are on schedule to officially open the peasantry to paying guests for easter. Having said that i suppose i had better add a rider of some sort, that is if everything goes to plan!
The house will be done but the garden side of things won't, with it being an old farm there isn't much in the way of garden area so we will have to make something. We have resurrected the old vegetable area for growing our own vegetables which was sort of successful last year and having learnt a few things we will change what we grow a bit and more importantly where we grow them!
The house was built in the late 1800's with additions around 1910ish. The walls are natural stone about a metre thick,We have two double bedrooms ensuite with exposed beams and real traditional wooden floors. Each room has wonderful views down the valley and with no neighbours and 16 acres of land ( mixed arable/woodland) peace and quiet is guaranteed. 50euros a night per ROOM! We offer an evening meal as well should you decide that you would like to eat with us rather than drive out and eat. Advert over!

We have tried to be as eco-friendly as possible and recycle all the waste water from the house from the showers, washing up and general usage. The toilet system is a composting central unit so even that doesn't go to waste being broken down into usable compost for the garden. We have solar panels on the roof for water and part of the central heating and our water comes from our own natural spring and the well that is inside the house.

Further plans are to purchase two percheron or breton heavy horses to work the woodland but at the moment the funds are still being saved. Nothing eco is very cheap to carry out! the idea is that should you so desire you can help work the horses in traditional logging and farming.

The area is rich in natural beauty and we can take you on guided tours or simply give you a do-it-yourself guide. The largest viaduc in the world is 40minutes away and designed by an englishman!

Please come and see us and help us to carry on protecting the enviroment and increase our orchard of traditional varieties of fruit and sample our homemade jams,wines and liqueurs!

First ten bookings get a free night! (website under construction!)
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Sunday, February 18, 2007


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