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Saturday, March 31, 2007


What the hell is going on with Blogger, i am fed up of trying to post, being told that it is ok yet buger all actually gets posted!!!!!
Last week was the first day of spring! The radio said it was, the diary said it was and maybe even the television said it was but as i don't have one i suppose i will never know whether it did or not. The newspaper said it was and yet no-one told the weather that it was as it was freezing cold and it snowed. At th end of the week i heard the first cuckoo, i think it must be wondering what the hell is going on with the weather, normally when he arrives the sun is breaking through and it is warming up a bit..not this time matey! Still, might dash off a quick letter to the Times.
Got to get the fencing sorted for the imminent arrival of goats and chickens and house tidied and ready for guests arriving friday + i am working for plasterman next week..eeeeek!
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What is it with blogger? I tried to post several times last week and each time it said ok but bugger all actually posted!!! Time to move i think....... last week it was the first of spring, the radio said it was, the diary said it was, the newspaper said it was i don't know about the television as i haven't got one, so, why didn't the weather think it was? It was freeeezing and it snowed.....normally i would have been outside celebrating this occasion but not likely me mateys, I stayed inside! In total contrast i heard the cuckoo calling at the end of the week.... A letter to the TIMES is called for i think. Easter rushes towards us, chocolate bunnies to bite the heads off and i need to get the field fencing put up for the imminent arrival of goats and chickens and get house finished for guests arriving Easter friday + i am working next week for plasterman..eek
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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Walls & Gardens

Things are getting busy at chez peasant. As easter approaches we have to get a move on now to get the house finished. With this in mind a big job was finally undertaken and Finished!! The jointing of the original stone walls in the lounge. We decided a longtime ago to leave the original suport beams uncovered, they had been covered over with concrete when we bought the house and to do the same with the wall. Having chipped off the cement render and cleaned the stones off we have to rejoint them. It is a messy and long job and we have been putting it off but it has to be done! After two days of jointing the first part is at last finished it now needs to dry out for a couple of days before the final cleaning and sealing of the stones.

Whilst waiting for the drying out we decided to start attacking the smallest field which in the 15 years of neglect has been virtually covered by blackberry..not good! especially as this is where we want to put the goats and chickens when they arrive. After a week of cutting and hacking with ripped fingers from the thorns we have finally broken the back of it. The toppled fenceposts in the picture were actually brought down by the weight of the brambles and i didn't even know the they were there, complete with barbed wire!!!! All we have to do now is take don the barbed wire, put the posts back up and put a new chicken/goat/fox & badger proof fence up!! Thats all...... time for a drink i think.......
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Sunday, March 04, 2007

Las bandas season starts

Once again the excuse for a drink and a party season has started. I mean that the bandas season has arrived once again and we are off playing at local fetes and events. We have a good list of engagements already for the year with more coming in. We have even been asked to play at a wedding, it is to be held in a huge chateau and is going to be a very high class do. Not sure why they have asked us to play then!!!
Luscious has bought me a new instrument to play which was really nice of her as i have wanted one for a long time. I now have a very nice new shiny silver english posthorn courtesy of JP music in Somerset!!
The posthorn galop is now being practised and i hope that i shall give it its first public performance at easter. Strange though when i took it along to the band practise none of the band had ever seen one before!! Still i suppose they are french, they wanted to know what it was used for which took some explaining. They eventually decided that it was a great thing to use when you went out hunting to call back the dogs!!!!! The sun is out, the temperature is hovering around 20° so i have to get out into the garden and start getting part of the field ready to receive our new family additions. We have decided that it is about time that we started to have our own eggs, so chickens will be arriving early april along with a couple of goats which we have been given by a local restuaranteur!!! The heavy horse project advances slowly and we are going to look at some horses in the summer with a view to getting a pair ready for next year. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this goes to plan!
So, if anybody else would like to come and stay you can have fresh, organic eggs & chicken to eat as well as gorgeous, scrumptious homemade jams, pickles, wines & liqueurs......... see you soon.......
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