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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Caught in the act!

This deer is in MY garden, eating the peaches from MY peach tree, the first real peaches the tree has produced since we planted it two years ago. What a continued to happily munch even after i took the photo and shouted at it! It only ran off when i waved my arms around and jumped up and down like some demented whirling dervish!
On the goat front things are looking good with the baby growing well and now eating the plums that have fallen to the ground and she even spits out the stones!
The snake seems to have gone and as i can't smell any rotting flesh i assume that it has not died in the ceiling or the walls, i have however seen at close quarters a smaller grass snake in the water recycling ponds!! By close i mean as i turned on a tap it passed about 5cm under my hand swimming in the water. That is just a little bit toooooo close. I know they aren't dangerous but, well you know it is a snake............ A fox has taken to wandering around the front of the house at around six in the evening and we have the most beautiful pair of golden orioles visiting the garden to eat the pears and fresh figs from just outside the back door. Weather has finally decided to be summery...temp in the shade today was a comfortable 29°C while on the terace in the sun it managed 51°C......... time for a cooling drink i think............ We may have to buy some sheep soon as we can't manage toi keep the grazing short enough with the horses as they don't stay long enough and the local farmer doesn't want to put his cows on it as it too difficult for him.... managed to get 6 rounds of hay into barn and at 200kg each they should last the goats all winter. We have bartered two of them for two of straw so that should solve winter bedding problems at least for the goats. I fully expect that in spring next year we will have additions to the goat family..... Life as a "smalholder" is not easy and i still have to get out and cut the wood for winter and start the time....arrghhhh
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