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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Welcome to Merlin

Well, this is the little bundle that we rescued from our field on Friday. He has been to the vet and been checked over and apart from being a bit thin seems ok. After his injections, worming tablets and anti-flea/tick stuff he has made himself very much at home. He seems to like going to asleep across your neck which can be a little awkward at times. The resident cat..miss Willow is none too happy at the moment with the new arrival but i suppose she will get used to him eventually? Back to the vets in four weeks for second injection and another course of tablets and then back again for THE operation..... life has changed completely at chez peasant with the arrival of Mr. Merlin..... couldn't have left him in the field though!! Posted by Picasa

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Worn out & knackered

Hello.. i am back.. thank you to those that have visited my now sooo out of date ramblings and for asking how i fare... truth is i am completely knackered. I have been trying to get the floor of the second bedroom cleaned down to useable timber and then varnished ready for guests in November. On top of this i gained a house to paint after being successful in my bid and i have also been working for plaster man... Oh i forgot.. i have ben asked to manage a heating/bathroom installation project and also advise some neighbours on how to install evapuration ponds and how to plant them. Apart from that i have been doing bugger all for 7 days a week!
I came here to escape the rat race of england and although there is a lot less pressure here i am fed up of it..hence no blogging as i just couldn't be arsed! Too bloody tired!
I have also had to put my horse project on ice.. i can't realistically afford it at the moment which is a bitter blow... i wanted two percheron's to work the land and woods in the traditional way and then for people to come and stay and maybe even work with myself and the horses. Initial outlay would be around 5,000 POUNDS. bugger.......then there is the upkeep.... to cap it all we have just become foster parents to a kitten that we found abandoned in our woods.. what sort of person dumps a two month old kitten in a forest miles from anywhere in the pouring rain? We hadn't the heart to kill it so we are now a two cat family...up every 3hrs or so to feed it and give it some love and care. Took him to the vets today to be checked over..apart from fleas in abundance, mites in his ears and worms and also being a little on the starving side he is ok.
Can't people be real bastards to animals sometimes?
That all for now... but i am back.... Posted by Picasa