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Saturday, July 21, 2007

SSSnake continued

To all those of an enquiring nature i extend my apologies for not updating the snake story before now..things like work have sort of got in the way.;i am trying to earn enough to pay for the new kitchen that luscious has set her mind to have..... Anyway, the snake in the ceiling thingy.......... RJ suggested a product that may help that they have across in the gud ole US of A and we do have something similiar over here in France however it presents a bit of a quandary... This stuff is supposed to repel the snakes, if i spray it into the ceiling by the wall ( the only place i can get into the ceiling without drilling holes etc) will it force the snake out OR will it stay in because it Can't get out because this stuff won't let it pass? The cat doesn't seem that bothered as it is just above her that the noise was coming from!! After much banging on the ceiling with hands and upturned brooms it did eventually depart from the kitchen ceiling......across the lounge ceiling.......across the dining room ceiling.....and then the noise stopped....i think it went into the wall of the house. These walls are about a metre thick and are natural stone held together with clay and in places cement and in times gone by were used by mice and rats to get from A to B thereby creating nice original rat runs!!! We know this because we came across old rat nests IN the walls when we had to take out old beams and make holes in the walls for new doors/windows etc !! I have not heard it again although we do have a small furry squirrel like animal in the roof space that the cats almost caught the other morning but that is a different story!

The other morning luscious was stood outside about 10metres from the front door watching the goats when her voice changed and i just knew why!! About 3 foot away from her a large brown snake very slowly uncoiled itself and went down into the stone wall!!! I hope it was the one from the house and that it is now happy outside!!! I am furiously trying to fill every hole i can in the wall from ground level up to about 1 metre up in the hope that it won't come back! I can't however fill in the wall of the bread oven which is attached to the house so i hope it doesn't try there. I have used three bottles of repulsif serpent repellent around the house as well. I keep my fingers crossed that it is still not in the house...and if it is outside that this stuff does actually work....... In the meantime i reach for my wine trying not to subconsciously listen for that sound like rustling paper........... or to smell rotting animal....
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